Alejandra Perez Austin TX

Dental Assistant

Alejandra Perez

“Making people smile is my passion.”

Alejandra Perez assists the dental hygienists at Treaty Oak Dental. Since she was a little girl, Alejandra found herself fascinated by the images of teeth in the dental offices she visited. Throughout her life, she never once had a bad experience at a dental office and feeling called to the field of dentistry herself, Alejandra pursued a career as a dental assistant.

At Treaty Oak Dental, Alejandra relishes the opportunity to interact with and get to know her patients. Her favorite part of the day is making her patients happy, and she feels truly rewarded when she knows that she has made them smile.

Her patient philosophy is centered around helping her patients with anything she can do for them. As a caring person by nature, Alejandra finds great joy in being able to be there for her patients when they need her. She aims to make sure that all of her patients feel comfortable and truly cared for.

Here, Alejandra is honored to be a part of the Treaty Oak Dental family. She loves being a part of a team, and the team at Treaty Oak Dental shares the same philosophy: treat every patient like family.