Nilsa Saldivar - Austin TX

Dental Hygienist

Nilsa Saldivar

“I want them to know that I heard them. I always ask them questions and actually hear them. The patient is always right.”

Nilsa Saldivar began working at Treaty Oak Dental when she was 16. She has been a member of the Treaty Oak family since it first opened in 1984. At the time, the dentist here suggested she consider becoming a hygienist, and once she completed school, this same dentist hired her back as a dental hygienist. Here, she has built her career around developing a community with her patients and treating each one like family. The staff and patients at Treaty Oak Dental are like her family.

At Treaty Oak Dental, Nilsa believes that during the entirety of a patient’s visit, they should have her full and undivided attention. She is genuinely concerned about each of her patients, and she works tirelessly to ensure that they feel tended to and taken care of. She understands that many patients are embarrassed about their dental health, and she goes above and beyond to ensure that none of her patients leave her feeling embarrassed; they come to see her because they need help, and she takes great pride in providing this help.

Education is a foundational part of Nilsa’s patient care. When she sees new patients, she always tells them exactly what she thinks they need and gives them the highest quality care. It is crucial to her that the patient still feels heard, and she believes that her patients are always right. Everything Nilsa Saldivar does is in her patient’s best interest and is done with honesty and integrity.

Every patient at Treaty Oak Dental is treated like family every time they come in.