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Looking for a new smile with teeth whitening?

Are you looking for a brighter, whiter smile? You’re probably a candidate for teeth whitening! Are your teeth currently yellow, brown, or orange? If you want to enhance your smile in less than an hour, teeth whitening may be the perfect option for you!

However, not all whitening options work for all types of staining. Our Central Austin dental team may recommend alternative teeth whitening methods or other cosmetic dentistry treatments before whitening to see your best results.

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You should love your smile! No matter what you have coming up, be it a special event, family photos, or that vacation you’ve been planning all year, teeth whitening can give you the confidence to be your best self!

Central Austin Teeth Whitening

Your smile is the very first thing people see, and you deserve to make an impression you’re proud of! If you wish you had whiter teeth and a more vibrant smile, then it’s time to make a change. Although there is no shortage of whitening products on the market, speaking with your Central Austin cosmetic dentist about teeth whitening is the best way to get your most vibrant, healthiest smile. Our team will help you get the vibrant smile you need to have the self-confidence you deserve.

What causes tooth discoloration?

Teeth Whitening - Central Austin Cosmetic Dentist - Treaty Oak Dental

Teeth can discolor over time. Change that with teeth whitening in Central Austin.

Tooth discoloration is a natural part of aging. However, there are some things that can speed up or contribute to tooth discoloration. Some common causes of discoloration are: 

  • Food and drinks: drinks like coffee and red wine often contribute to the discoloration of teeth because the color pigments attach themselves to the surface of the teeth. 
  • Tobacco: tobacco users may notice more stains on their teeth because of the tar and nicotine. 
  • Medication: antihistamines, blood pressure medication, antibiotics, and chemotherapy can all contribute to the discoloration of teeth. 
  • Age: as the enamel of the tooth wears down, the darker dentin underneath will begin to show. 

Not all tooth discoloration can be treated in the same way. Working with our team at Treaty Oak Dental will help ensure that you get the results you desire. 

Why should I get my teeth whitening done professionally?

Teeth Whitening - Central Austin Cosmetic Dentist - Treaty Oak Dental

Professional teeth whitening delivers the result you’re seeking.

Not all whitening products are created equally, and over-the-counter products don’t always deliver the results they promise. The fact is, depending on the type and depth of staining, you may need a different whitening treatment. Not only do over-the-counter agents not provide the same results as professional whitening, but they can be putting your teeth and your health at risk with the potential of over-exposure to the chemicals.

The best way to ensure you get the results you need without risking your teeth is to talk to your dentist before committing to an over-the-counter whitening product.

Types of teeth whitening available

Teeth Whitening - Central Austin Cosmetic Dentist - Treaty Oak Dental

Teeth whitening can restore the confidence in your smile.

At Treaty Oak Dental, we offer take-home kits of our professional whitening product so that you can get the safety and efficacy of professional teeth whitening on your own time.

Some patients may experience tooth sensitivity after a teeth whitening procedure, but this sensitivity is generally temporary. Overuse of whitening agents can cause damage to your teeth and gums also, so it is important to keep your dentist involved throughout the process. At Treaty Oak Dental, your oral health is important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the dental care you deserve.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Teeth whitening is not usually covered by dental insurance. However, we are proud to offer financing options so that you can still get the smile you need to take on whatever comes your way.

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth for a brighter, more vibrant smile, call our office today to schedule your appointment or reserve your spot online now.

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