Theresa Vickers - Austin TX

Office Manager

Theresa Vickers

“Patients share so much of their lives with us, and I just enjoy making them feel better about themselves.”

As the office manager at Treaty Oak Dental, Theresa Vickers gets the honor of greeting all of the patients as they walk through the door. As a naturally outgoing and approachable person, she loves to listen and talk to people. Interacting with patients on a daily basis is a constant source of joy for Theresa. She sees the impact that the entire team has on its patients, and she truly believes that if you have a beautiful smile or are confident with your smile, you can light up a room. She is honored to be a part of the team that gives people this confidence.

Her passion is for insurance; she understands it, and she genuinely enjoys helping people understand their policies, know why they work the way they do, and figure out the best strategy for their long-term oral health. Her passion is continuously fueled by her ability to help her patients get the treatment they need. As a very detailed-oriented person, she is good at getting insurance companies the information they need so patients can get the right care. On the whole, when you are a patient at Treaty Oak Dental, Theresa Vickers is your insurance advocate.

At Treaty Oak Dental, Theresa can do anything the office needs, and she is always happy to help anyone. As a naturally caring and kind person, she will lend an ear to any patient who needs it, and she will talk to everyone. Theresa is an essential part of the Treaty Oak Dental Family, and she relishes the opportunity to get to know each patient personally.